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Meet Fellow Vapers And Get E-cig Coupon Discounts At These Vaping Events

14 Aug, 2014
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Hello and welcome to MobilePhotoGroup.com we have transition and change our site to help all smokers out there to switch to vaping. We believe that e-cig is the future. It possess so many advantages that smokers around the globe should see. Now MobilePhotoGroup.com is your one stop site to get vaping tips, e-cig coupons and discounts, honest E-cig reviews as well as to meet other vapers and connect with them by commenting on each of our posts. Millions of people have switched to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, but many e-cig fans don’t really know other people who have made the switch yet. So use our site to connect to one another and enjoy talking with people with the same state of mind.

Another way to meet fellow vapers is by attending a vape convention near you. Vaping doesn’t have to be a lonely pleasure—in fact, we’ve seen how a strong community and culture helps people enjoy vaping even more. At vape conventions, you can connect with brand-new vapers as well as longtime aficionados. Whether you’re starting out and want to learn more, or you know the ropes and just want to connect with other vapers, vape conventions are a great opportunity!

Attending a “vape meet” also helps you get to know other vapers, stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry, and get involved – especially important as so many communities and states make laws about vaping.

Attending a vaping convention also means that you are being a part of revolution to help change the world and help other people switch to vaping. It feels good to be a part of a community that has an advocate.

Many vape conventions even offer live music and entertainment, great food, contests, door prizes, and free giveaways to make the party even more exciting. Top E-cig brands usually build booths and offer coupons and discounts like the way Blu cigs and V2 cigs get their strut on.

So head to a conference, talk about your switch from tobacco, make some new friends, and get involved with the movement to help more people switch to vaping! Here are some of the events that we’ve found all over the country. Make sure to catch them and have fun!

Vapor Dynasty Expo
October 25–26, 2014
Phoenix, AZ

ECC Vape Convention
September 5–6, 2014
Ontario, CA

Michigan VapeXpo
October 3–4, 2014
Ann Arbor, MI

North Carolina
VapeMania ’14
August 29–30, 2014
Winston-Salem, NC

Vape Blast 2.0
August 15–17, 2014
San Antonio, TX

Disposable E-cigs vs Rechargeable E-Cigs – Which One Is Best?

13 Aug, 2014
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The very first thing that beginners – or smokers who want to switch to vaping – should know, is that there are two types of electronic cigarettes. The disposable E-cigarettes and the reusable E-cigarettes. Both types of E-cigarettes can be purchased online and on brick and mortar stores as almost all E-cig brands offer both types. Both can give you the same satisfying experience as traditional cigarettes, complete with vapor and tip that lights and both dont have the thousand of chemicals that traditional cigarettes have.

However, as similar as they are, they also have differences. Disposable E-cigs as the name imply is the type of E-cigarettes that can only be use once. You take it out of its pack and you can puff on it right away to enjoy vaping. One disposable E-cig is equivalent to 1-2 packs of traditional cigarettes and after that, you can dispose them away like traditional cigarettes. Reusable E-cigarettes on the other hand can be use as many times as you want (depending on how you use it and the brand quality that you choose, it can last from 6 months up to 18 months). You take it out of its pack and puff on it to start vaping, and then afterwards when it’s gone, you can recharge the battery and refill the cartridges to use it once again.

Both types of electronic cigarette have their pros and cons, and depending on your personal choice, disposable e-cigs or rechargeable e-cigs can be best for you. Let’s compare these two types of e-cigarette to see which is best.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are offered by the vast majority of e-cig companies and they are very easy to come by and purchase, usually easier than reusable ones because disposable ecigs are available in gas stations, groceries, supermarkets and other retail stores while reusable ones are usually only available online. Disposables also offer a simple and also convenient way to enjoy vaping. Whip it out of the packet and vape, no stress. Also disposable Ecig has a low upfront cost, usually around $5 each only so it’s like your buying a pack of cigarette. However, there are cons of disposable E-cigs. As we know, they are only good for as long as the battery lasts or for as long as the e-liquid lasts. Disposable ecigs also have limited flavors and nicotine strengths – usually on menthol and tobacco flavor only and on 1.2% nicotine strength. It also has limited customization options. And lastly, although it has a low upfront cost, the long term cost is higher because like traditional cigarettes, it can only be use once.

Best Disposable E-cig Brands:
Blu Cigs (Coupons here)
Green Smoke (Coupons here)

Reusable E-Cigarettes

Reusable e-cigs or rechargeable e-cigs as some people call them are more difficult to come by than disposable e-cigs on the high street but they are readily available online. They have fast become the most popular choice of e-cig for regular vapers because buying replacement e-liquid is cheaper than a new disposable e-cigarette every few days or weeks. Although you will pay more upfront for a refillable e-cig starter kit, the long-term cost is lower than that of disposable e-cigarettes. You can save as much as $2000 when you switch from traditional cigarettes to reusable ecigarettes. And although you need to do more complex things like charging the batteries, refilling the cartridges and cleaning it once in a while all these are worthy because the performance of reusable E-cigarettes are stronger than the performance of disposable ones. it gives thicker vapor and fuller throat hit and you have a plethora of flavors and nicotine strength to choose from. From traditional tobacco flavors to exotic Blueberry cheesecake flavors.

Best Reusable E-cig Brands:
V2 Cigs (Coupons here)
Halo Cigs (Coupons here)

So which e-cigarette is best?

For most people refillable electronic cigarettes are the best choice while some loves the disposable ones. Our main advice is that, one should get disposable E-cigarettes if they simply want to try E-cigarette for the first time. It’s perfect to see whether you like the look and feel of an e-cigarette. Now we will recommend reusable E-cigarettes for those who decide that they like to do vaping for a long time and that they will finally stop smoking.